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          Planning, Design, Construction and Scheduling


          Transformation is what we do. From collaborative work spaces to innovative learning environments — we use creative interior design to reflect and enhance the University’s mission.

          More About Construction projects


          seat lobby


          Our goal is to provide the WVU community with quality design services, enhancing the diverse campus environments where people work, learn, study, recreate and collaborate through the furnishings and finishes we select.


          Space, signs and construction guidelines are followed for each area on campus to provide a consistent look and feel.

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          Planning is necessary to construct adequate facilities and space ensuring all campus needs are met through project management.



          This process provides an opportunity for the University to assess the condition of its campuses and facilities, and to develop a course of action to address future needs.





          Corporate & Govt. Relations

          • Corporate Relations
          • Government Relations
          • WVU Innovation Corp
            • WVU Research Corporation
          • Technology Transfer

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          • Budget Planning
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          • Payroll & Employee Processing
          • Property Management
          • Revenue Services
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          • Sponsored Projects & Property Administration
          • Tax Services
          • Treasury Operations

          Auxiliary and Business Services

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          • Planning, Design, Construction and Scheduling
          • Procurement Contracting and Payment Services
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          Talent and Culture

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          • Classification & Compensation
          • Employee Relations
          • Talent Strategy
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          • University Police

          Information Technology Services

          • Student Resources
          • Employee Resources
          • Help Desk
          • Office 365
          • Mountaineer Card Services
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          • MyPrinting
          • Service Centers
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